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100 Great Books

Our aim at Tackley Church of England Primary School is to encourage enthusiastic, interested and motivated readers who enjoy the process of reading a good book. We believe that by offering and promoting a wide range of high quality texts for the children to read, we can instill a life-long love of reading! There are a vast array of books out there for children to read, however selecting a quality text that is well written isn’t always easy!

We have therefore compiled our list of ‘100 great books to read before leaving Tackley Primary School’ from staff recommendations, national book award winning authors and the Book Trust ‘100 best books’ list. Most of the books are available in school for you to borrow – however we do encourage all families to visit the local library (Banbury & Kidlington are the nearest libraries) as a treat to share together! The list has been split into age groups due to the content/ theme or degree of reading level required as a guide. Reading any of these books with an adult is highly recommended – either shared reading, listening to an adult or the child reading.

Many of the books in this list are available for you to borrow – head to our reading challenge area in the hall to browse some of the books. You will need to sign the book out and log when you have returned it so that the next person can read it too. Please try to return any borrowed books in a reasonable amount of time as someone else might be waiting to read it. If you have a copy of one of the titles in this list at home that you no longer read, please feel free to donate your book to the school and we can share it with other children.

100 Books List:

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