Tackley Church of England Primary School



Nurturing a love of language underpins our approach to English. In line with the 2014 Curriculum, the children at Tackley Primary School are taught Spoken Language; Reading (both word recognition and comprehension); Writing (both transcription and composition); Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. These four aspects of the subject are accessed during discreet English lessons, including Guided Reading, as well as being part of a cross curricular approach which are therefore present in all other subject areas.

In our English lessons, we enjoy using storytelling techniques to learn about and from different text type incorporating a range of model texts from classics and modern texts. We learn about the grammar and punctuation of writing through our regular writing opportunities as well as through lessons on specific content linked to these areas.

Our pupils are regular readers who experience daily opportunities to learn the skills of reading as well as many opportunities to apply what they have learnt to read for knowledge and pleasure. We benefit from the help of many adult volunteers who visit the school regularly to listen to readers.

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