Tackley Church of England Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education at Tackley CE:


As a Church of England School, we aim to encourage children’s understanding of Christianity through religious teaching and distinctively Christian values which form part of the school ethos and are not restricted to RE lessons alone.

We aim for our Religious Education curriculum to:

  • to develop awareness of the spiritual and moral dimensions of life experience.
  • to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religious traditions represented in Great Britain.
  • to learn about Christianity as the basis for our scheme of work
  • to have knowledge of a range of Christian stories from the bible
  • to develop understanding of what it might mean to be committed to a religious tradition.
  • to reflect on their own experiences, beliefs and values.
  • to have confidence in their own viewpoint whilst engaging in open and honest enquiry
  • to respect the rights of others to hold beliefs different to their own
  • view religion as a joyous experience to be celebrated with music, movement and drama – a living activity in a cross curricular context
  • to become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • to become confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • to aspire to be responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society


As well as Christianity, children learn about other faiths and religions. Visits are made to places of worship such as a Mosque and Synagogue. The children make regular visits to Tackley Parish Church for special events in the church calendar and liturgical teaching.  These visits take place six times per year and include the major Christian festivals of Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Whitsun. We celebrate a variety of religious events across the school including Christmas, Easter, Diwali and our annual Jesus Christ day here at Tackley Primary school.

Bible Stories: Whole School Focus

Across the whole school, once a term, each class focuses on a specific ‘story’ from the bible. Creatively the children respond to or represent  the story through art, drama, music or creative writing with the aim of bringing the message or key Christian teaching to life. During our Friday sharing assembly- the work is shared with the whole school by each class.

JC Day Celebrations:


This year the whole school took part in the first  JC day celebration morning at Tackley. We spent the morning celebrating Jesus through songs, art work, writing and collective worship.

After break, we had our collective worship outside in the sunshine to share all of the fantastic activities from each of the classes! We had a great morning – thank you to all of the teachers who worked so hard to prepare for the morning!







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