Tackley Church of England Primary School


Our programme of indoor and outdoor P.E. involves each child in as wide a variety of gymnastic, athletic and recreational activities as possible. We aim to develop the physical ability of children at Tackley and encourage a positive attitude towards all sports

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All children at Tackley School have access to regular opportunities for participating in well-planned physical activity.

Sports Day - well done to Heath House!Sports Day – well done to Heath House!

We teach our children the importance of staying healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Children learn to take part in sports that are individual or team-based, competitive and non-competitive. They play football, hockey, netball and tennis. They learn dance, gymnastics, swimming (in KS2) and athletics.

Multiskills Carousel

Multiskills Carousel

We have a Sports Specialist teaching PE with class teachers, working with different classes each term.

Tackley children have regular opportunities to take part in sporting matches and events as part of the Woodstock Partnership. These have included a Year 5 athletics event at Tilsley Park, Year 1 and Year 6 dance platforms and a Year 2 Ultra Olympics.

After school Roller Hockey Club

At this club children learn how to skate and then play fun games such as roller hockey. We have been amazed by their perseverance and progress. Mr Baulch has helped them to developed both their skills and confidence!

Roller Hockey with Mr Baulch

Roller Hockey with Mr Baulch

Change 4 Life Club

This year some of our children have attended a multi skills sports club with Miss Goodgame. This included fun activities such as juggling with scarves, bean bags and balls and skipping.






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