Tackley Church of England Primary School


The staff and Governors believe that a school uniform fosters a sense of pride in our school, and we encourage all our children to take responsibility for their appearance. All items of clothing and personal property should be clearly named.

Children who come to school wearing inappropriate, non-school uniform will be provided with clothing for the day and a letter will be sent home to parents.

The official school uniform provider is School Trends. The uniform can be purchased from their website: www.schooltrendsonline.com


  • White polo shirt with long or short sleeves.
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan.


  • Grey or black skirt, pinafore or trousers (jogger type trousers are not appropriate for wear during the school day).
  • Tights and socks must be plain white, grey or black.
  • In the summer, a blue checked dress is optional, with plain white socks or tights.


  • Grey or black trousers or shorts (jogger type trousers and trainers are not appropriate for wear during the school day).
  • Socks must be plain grey or black.


  • Suitable black school shoes with black laces (no heels or trainers).
  • Children may bring trainers to change into for playtime if they are playing games.
  • Open-toe sandals are not permitted as they do not provide children with the protection they require on the playground.

Hats, Coats and Book Bags

Parents may choose to purchase summer / winter coats, baseball or legionnaire summer caps, woollen hats and book bags with the school logo from School Trends.

Physical Education

Children are expected to have their PE kit, including appropriate foot wear, in school at all times. If a child does not have their PE kit, an alternative may be provided and parents will be contacted.

Each child needs:

  • White T-shirt with school logo, or plain white T-shirt (no logos please); plain dark blue or black shorts; and trainers (plimsolls are optional for indoor wear).
  • Plain black or dark blue tracksuits are permitted during outdoor PE when the weather is cold, but not for gym. A blue tracksuit with the school logo is available from School Trends.
  • PE bags with the school logo are available from School Trends

Long hair must be tied back during all PE lessons.

Earrings must be taped or, ideally removed for PE and must be removed for swimming. Children should bring their own Microporous Surgical Tape to school in a clearly named box. If a child wearing earrings does not have any tape, they will NOT be permitted to take part in the PE lesson and a letter will be sent home.

For swimming, girls need a one-piece costume and boys require traditional trunks. All children must wear a hat, which can be purchased from the school office. Please note Oxfordshire County Council discourage the use of swimming goggles during lessons.

Nail varnish, make-up and tattoos are not permitted.

Hair bands should be either blue or white.

Jewellery should not be worn to school. The school cannot be held responsible for lost items.

Watches should be slim-line as chunky watches may be dangerous when children are playing. The school cannot be held responsible for lost items.

Portable electronic devices including mobile phones, MP3 players and games consoles are not permitted in School. If your child is found in possession of a portable electronic device, it will be confiscated until the end of the school day and parents will be contacted.

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