Tackley Church of England Primary School

Collective Worship

The aim of staff and governors at Tackley, in partnership with the Parish Vicar and the Diocese of Oxford, is to enable pupils to develop as honest, caring and thoughtful members of both the School and wider communities. We provide the opportunity for daily acts of worship where children’s spirituality can be developed and expressed in a way that enables children to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues, whilst considering and developing their own beliefs and attitudes.  These acts of worship are distinctively Christian and include stories which include morals, Bible readings and hymns.  Each term there a different ‘Tackley Value’ is the theme for that terms collective worship, these can be viewed on the home page of the school website.

Children are encouraged to lead acts of worship at the end of each term based on our Christian values.

Monday – Whole School Collective Worship

Tuesday – Class Collective Worship

Wednesday – Clergy Worship or Hymn Practice

Thursday – Key Stage Collective Worship

Friday – Class Sharing Assembly or Whole School Sharing Assembly

School Prayer

Dear God,

Help us to show respect and kindness for the people who care for us, and the faith and courage to belief in humility and forgiveness.

Guide us to be honest and responsible so that we can make the right choices and give us the strength to persevere and do our best, each and every day.


Lunchtime Prayer


Our heavenly father kind and good,

We thank you for our daily food.

We thank thee for thy love and care,

Be with us Lord and hear our prayer.


Sharing Assembly

There is an opportunity during the term for each class to lead an assembly, where we celebrate the success and achievements of the children in our school.

The assemblies are on a Friday afternoon and the dates are advertised in the newsletter.

Parents are warmly invited for tea, coffee and biscuits with the Headteacher following the assembly.

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