Tackley Church of England Primary School

May Day

A long-standing tradition here at Tackley CE is our annual ‘May Day’ celebrations which are held every year in May on the Village Green. The event brings together the Tackley community and continues a long running school tradition that we are very proud of!

During the spring and summer terms, children in all classes learn traditional maypole dances in PE lessons. We learn the intricacies of each dance and how to master single and double plaits on the maypole to name a few.

Two children each year are selected from Year 6 to be crowned May King and May Queen by our very own Mrs Plumridge. They are transported to the village green by pony and trap.

The whole school then proceeds through the village to the green, where parents and family are eagerly waiting. This year, the May Day celebrations were announced by fanfare- played by one of our Year 5 children. This was followed by a procession involving a flower girl and two crown bearers from Acorn Class. Mrs Plumridge officially crowned the May King and Queen.

Then the dancing begins…

This year our celebrations were followed by a cake and school uniform sale on the playground.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this long running event a success! We are already looking forward to next year!

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