Tackley Church of England Primary School


Jesus said: “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” Mark 9.35

We are all used to caring for our own interests – to looking after number one. But Jesus asks us to think differently. Because God loves us, we can afford to love each other, to put other people first. There’s no need to blow our own trumpets: Jesus knows our hearts and our lives, and he will reward us. So we should look out for others, serve them, make sure that they too get all they deserve. This is humility, not putting our own needs at the top of the list, but making sure our friends and those around us have someone who will shout out for them. They are people, loved by God, and we should value that enormously.

We trust that Jesus is shouting in our corner; and maybe some of our friends will too.


Stories about Humility

James & John’s mother asks a favour (Matthew 20.20-28)

James & John’s mother asks Jesus if her sons can be special in God’s kingdom – and Jesus reminds her that being special is all about trusting God and serving others.


Jesus washes his disciples’ feet (John 13.1-17)

Jesus shows his disciples that when you know how much God loves you, you don’t have to be treated like royalty – you know you are special. So you can be free to help others without worry.


Paul and Silas help a jailer (Acts 16.16-34)

Even though Paul and Silas find themselves wrongly put in jail, they don’t try to escape when a chance is offered – and their decision to serve the jailer ends up with his whole family coming to faith in Jesus.

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