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To infinity & beyond (Autumn Term)


This term in Rousham Class, we shall be trialling a new homework system. The aim of the new system is to encourage the children to take ownership of their learning in preparation for Secondary school, to encourage the children to take pride in their homework, to set tasks that they will enjoy completing and for them to deepen their understanding of our termly topic through a range of curriculum subjects. This term the homework tasks will be based on the theme of Space


The ‘tasks grid’ has been stuck into your child’s blue homework book and can also be viewed on the school website under our class pages. The children must select and complete one activity a week over the course of the coming term, totalling eleven activities altogether by Christmas. Blue boxed activities must be completed by the end of the term. It is up to you and your child which homework task you choose to complete each week. The children have been encouraged to collect the activities/resources they need from school when necessary.


The children are aware that their homework must be handed in on a Wednesday, with the book returned to them on a Friday. Evidence of activities – either via a picture or the completed task- must be brought into school on the correct day. Children who fail to complete the tasks and not hand in their homework on a Wednesday will be asked to complete an activity in their own time. This new system will be running alongside the reading homework and spellings practice each week.

Below is a copy of the ‘tasks grid’ for this term:

Spelling Tips Sheet:


Mrs Tester has taught us lots of ways to help us to learn our spellings ready for our weekly test.

Below is just a few of the ways in which we can learn our words:



Support Materials


Below I have selected some interesting websites for you visit to support your child’s learning throughout the year.


BBC KS2 Bitesize




Woodlands Junior:



See below some resources which you may find useful to support your learning.

All copyright of these resources remains with Tackley Church of England Primary School or Oxfordshire County Council.

Reading at Home

When you are reading home it is sometimes good to get an adult to talk to you about the book which you have been reading or for you to ask yourself some questions which would all be worth two or three marks in a SATs Comprehension paper.  See below a document with some of these questions on.

Don’t forget to visit our ‘100 Great Books’ section of our website for our list of the best children’s books to read!


See below some of the planning formats which we use in school – these may be useful when completing homework or other writing which you may do at home.

The links below will take you to some old homework tasks which you may find useful.


Times tables are very important and knowing these will help you to improve at Mathematics. Follow this link to try some tests to help you practise.

See below a link to purchase the Times Tables MP3 CD which we are using in class.  Once you have downloaded it from Amazon you can record it onto CD, a phone of MP3 player and listen to it wherever you like!

Enjoy singing along to times tables!

Amazon Link to Times Tables Party MP3 Download 

2D and 3D shape revision – which you all need to do!


In Rousham Class we are learning a range of rules and patterns for spelling as well as the meaning and spelling of words from the government’s statutory list for Year 5 and 6. Children should complete their spelling practice in their red home spelling book.  This,  should come into school every day.  I have added some spelling activity ideas below which the children may like to complete.  These can be printed at home.  We have put together the document below which acts as another aid for learning the spelling patterns.  Please ensure you spend time looking at the correct spelling patterns which you are learning at the moment.

Children are expected to know how to read and spell certain words.  The document below includes all words which a child should be able to read, spell and use by the end of Y6.

Please visit our ‘Spellings’ section on the website for our ‘Parents Support Guide!’


This booklet follows the handwriting style which children in Year 5 and 6 should be following.  Joining handwriting is important as it provides children with a style which is efficient when writing.


A few parents asked about ways that they can support their children in learning to type.  I have had a look and found the following websites which you may find useful in learning to type using a keyboard on a laptop or desktop computer.  They are not suitable for learning to type quickly on a tablet computer or IPad.

BBC Dance Mat 

Typing Games 

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service 

Below are three activity packs which you may like to print out and complete at home to remind yourself of some of the facts which the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service shared with us during term 2.

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