Autumn Term

Welcome to the new academic year in Rousham Class! I hope you had a lovely summer, I’m looking forward to meeting the families I haven’t yet met and seeing more of those I already know.

This term’s topic is ‘Going The Extra Nile’. We will investigate the men and women who studied the kingdoms of Egypt and explore their discoveries, look at some of the Pharaohs and the development of the pyramids, as well as the mythology that permeated Ancient Egypt and examine the role the Nile had in allowing this civilisation to flourish and examine daily life, comparing it to our own.

In English we start the term learning about classic fiction through The Jungle Book and Just So Stories. We will then learn about autobiographies and biographies focusing on the authors Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo. We will also cover instructions, explanations, recounts and poetry. In maths we will be covering place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, statistics and perimeter, area and volume. There’s a lot to fit in this term!

Our class novel is The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman. The children are welcome to bring in any personal copies.

Homework for the first week is to cover and decorate their homework books. Please ensure they are back in school by Wednesday 11th September.
The expectation is that all children will hand in 8 pieces of topic homework between now and the end of the autumn term (December) they can choose the tasks that appeal to them and are welcome to add their own ideas to the grid they bring home. We appreciate your help and support in encouraging and working with your children to complete the tasks. Hopefully they will prove fun and not too time consuming. Please do let me know if you have any questions.

At school children will be taught a spelling pattern/rule each week, they will have the opportunity to practise these spellings in school time. They will bring home a booklet containing all the statutory spellings they are expected to know by the end of Year 6, they should work on learning these spellings at home throughout the year. They will have a list of strategies/ tips for learning them stuck into their homework books.

It is an expectation that children are read with regularly at home (both reading themselves and being read to), a booklet will be sent home during the first week of term to assist with this. Please record when whole books are finished in your child’s homework book. We expect that children read at home at least three times a week.

Maths homework will consist of a mental arithmetic worksheet, children should complete the appropriate level of challenge for them.
Good knowledge of times tables makes maths a lot easier for pupils so please encourage your children to make good use of Times Tables Rockstars.

Class Rules
We want our class to be a fair and happy place so together we created the following set of rules:
• Follow instructions first time, every time
• Treat others as you would like to be treated
• Concentrate and listen to all adults, don’t talk over each other
• Keep the classroom tidy and organised
• Be kind, friendly, fair and a good sportsperson
• Be persistent and always try our best
• Take pride in our work and care over presentation
• Respect ourselves and others
• Be patient
• Be happy, make memories and have fun!

PE will continue to be on Wednesdays, please ensure your child has the correct kit with them so they can take part. We are also swimming this term on Tuesdays.

Please ensure that children bring in a freshly filled, labelled water bottle to school every day. We have drinking water in the class so children can refill their bottles during the day.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Mrs Barnett

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