Hello and Welcome to Darwin Class!  


Welcome to Term 4. We cannot believe how fast this academic year is passing us by. The children are all making good progress and we are excited for the Springtime that is just around the corner.


Curriculum focus

This term our topic is ‘Kings, Queens, and Castles’.


As part of our topic children will be using a range of resources such as books, videos, artefacts, and paintings to learn about life in castles long ago. Our classroom role-play area will be turned into a fantasy castle and children will be encouraged to re-enact castle life as different characters that they learn about.


We will travel back in time on our visit to Oxford Castle and find out about how castles were used throughout the ages, and we may even meet a few famous historical figures on the way.


Please look at our long-term plan (see below) to see what we will be learning about in each subject area in more detail.



This term we will begin by exploring poetry and the way in which poems are structured. We will then go on to read and create our own fictional stories about knights, dragons, kings, queens and princesses.


As always, the most important thing children in Year 1 can do at home is read and be read to. The expectation is that children in Key Stage 1 read at least four times a week for 15 minutes.  Alongside reading the school reading books children should be listening to reading material that they are unable to read independently to expose them to the rich language and ideas we find in such books.

We know the children enjoy listening to stories being read to them by adults in Darwin Class. Each day the children take part in a book vote to decide which out of 2 selected books they would like to hear read to them at the end of the day. If children have any books they would like to be included in the daily book vote they are welcome to bring them into school as long as they are clearly named.



In Maths this term we will be working on place value up to 50. This will include comparing, ordering, grouping and partitioning numbers from 0-50.  Children will have the opportunity to use lots of practical resources to support their learning and will even solve some ‘real life’ problems linked to place value.

Towards the end of the term children will explore length and height, mass and volume, and will take part in lots of practical investigations linked to these areas of maths.

Maths continues to be a key part of the curriculum and as such children should be spending short bursts of time on Numbots each week. Little and often is the best approach here.



Homework will be set and handed in each Friday through Maths Shed and Google Classroom. Children will also have a practical handwriting booklet this term as part of their homework and will be informed via Google Classroom which pages of the booklet they are to complete each week.

All homework is directly linked to work carried out in school and no work that is new to the children will be set for homework. The focus of homework is to revise, recap and consolidate existing learning.

As always, we would love to see anything that children do at home related to our topics such as paintings, model making or research. Remember Google Classroom can be used to send us any additional things that children do at home.


Forest School                                                                                                        

Forest School will continue to take place on a Tuesday afternoon.  Children need to bring old clothes to change into for Forest School on this day.  We go out in all weathers so please ensure clothing is appropriate for the weather including waterproof clothes, hats, gloves, and wellington boots for wet/cold weather.



PE will continue to take place every Monday and Wednesday this term.  We ask that children come to school in their PE kit on these days. PE kit should include a t-shirt to match the colour of the house they are in, jogging bottoms or shorts and trainers.


This is going to be a fun packed term and we cannot wait to see all the exciting learning that will taking place over the next few weeks.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.


Many thanks


Mrs Arneil, Mrs Lawrence, and Ms Cambrey


Darwin (Year 1) Teaching team