Hello and Welcome to Darwin Class!  

April to May 2024

Welcome to the Summer Term.

We cannot wait to spend more time outside in the good weather (we hope!)


Curriculum focus

This term our topics are ‘Plants’ and ‘Hot and Cold places’.

The children will begin the term exploring plants and learning plants names, parts and what plants need to grow successfully. We will also be planting our own seeds and plants and caring for them in our new outside Garden Centre role play area.

Towards the end of the term we will learn about hot and cold places around the world and will think about what we would need to pack to visit these places on a holiday. In our indoor travel agents role play children will discuss features of these hot and cold places and explain what life is like in these places in order to try and book/sell holidays to each other. If you have any postcards or photographs of hot and cold that you have visited and would like to share with us we would absolutely love to see them.

Please look at our long-term plan (see below) to see what we will be learning about in each subject area in more detail.



This term we will focus on stories set in the places very different to where we live. We will explore Kenya through a story of Lila and the Secret of Rain and visit a lively jungle in The Tin Forest. We will have a go at describing the settings, create story maps and write our own versions of the stories.

As always, the most important thing children in Year 1 can do at home is read and be read to. The expectation is that children in Key Stage 1 read at least four times a week for 15 minutes.  Alongside reading the school reading books children should be listening to reading material that they are unable to read independently to expose them to the rich language and ideas we find in such books.

We know the children enjoy listening to stories being read to them by adults in Darwin Class. Each day the children take part in a book vote to decide which out of 2 selected books they would like to hear read to them at the end of the day. If children have any books they would like to be included in the daily book vote they are welcome to bring them into school as long as they are clearly named.



In Maths this term we will be exploring length and height, mass and volume and will take part in lots of practical investigations linked to these areas of maths.

Towards the end of the term we will begin looking at very simple multiplication by counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. Then we will end the term exploring fractions, including half and quarters of shapes and numbers.

Maths continues to be a key part of the curriculum and as such children should be spending short bursts of time on Numbots each week. Little and often is the best approach here.



Homework will be set and handed in each Friday through Maths Shed (Maths) and Google Classroom (Phonics). Children will also have a practical handwriting task/sheet as part of their homework and this will also be set via Google Classroom each week. WE will also send a printed copy of the handwriting task/sheet home each Monday for those with no printing facilities at home.

All homework is directly linked to work carried out in school and no work that is new to the children will be set for homework. The focus of homework is to revise, recap and consolidate existing learning.

As always, we would love to see anything that children do at home related to our topics such as paintings, model making or research. Remember Google Classroom can be used to send us any additional things that children do at home.


Forest School 

Forest School days have changed and will now take place on a Monday afternoon during the Summer Term.  Children need to continue to bring in old clothes to change into for Forest School on this day.  We go out in all weathers (except very strong wind) so please ensure clothing is appropriate for the weather including sun hats and sun cream for those warmer days.



PE will continue to take place every Monday and Wednesday this term.  We ask that children come to school in their PE kit on these days. PE kit should include a t-shirt to match the colour of the house they are in, jogging bottoms or shorts and trainers.

This is going to be another fun packed term and we cannot wait to see all the exciting learning that will taking place over the next few weeks.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Many thanks


Mrs Arneil, Mrs Lawrence, and Ms Cambrey


Darwin (Year 1) Teaching team