What is an Eco School?

The Eco School awards encourage schools to think about a range of areas including waste reduction, energy saving, healthy living, water, biodiversity, transport and travel. Full accreditation is achieved through an audited programme of commitment and activity by the school and students.

First is a Bronze Award, which is given to schools who have carried out an energy and recycling audit, and who have created an Working Group, on which both the staff and children are represented.

The Silver Award is achieved once the school agrees on an Eco Code.

To achieve the Gold Award and have the right to fly the Eco Green Flag the school must demonstrate its on-going commitment in several of the key ‘Eco-friendly’ activities.

Here is a link to the Eco Schools website for further information:


Tackley CE Primary School are focussing on the following areas:

  • Reducing the litter around the school: we are doing this by organising children to collect litter, raising awareness of it being everyone’s responsibility to ensure litter is put in the bin and educating children (and staff!) about ways in which we can reduce the waste we are producing
  • Energy consumption in school: we are conducting surveys around the school about where the most energy may be used, looking at ways we can use our energy more efficiently and looking towards the future about longer-term more sustainable ways energy is used.