Our Curriculum Intent

At Tackley Primary School we provide an engaging, inspiring and responsive curriculum which provides children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to prepare themselves for life beyond the classroom.

We place importance on experiences and opportunities to broaden the children’s understanding of the wider curriculum and have a rich variety of educational visits and experiences planned into our whole school curriculum.

Our 3 core curriculum values are centred around curiosity, creativity and independence.

For children this means that we recognise the importance of:

  • Being curious: asking questions, being an active learner and using enquiry skills to learn and discover more
  • Being creative: valuing The Arts as a vehicle to learning about life beyond the classroom and local community, developing resilience through learning and practising skills.
  • Being independent: challenging thinking, transferring and applying knowledge and skills learnt between curriculum subjects, demonstrating good learning behaviours and understanding when collaboration with other is valuable

These core curriculum values are underpinned by three key drivers to our whole school curriculum. We place importance on these key areas as a vehicle to all learning in the curriculum.


A curriculum rich in literacy provides our children with the opportunities to speak with confidence, listen to others respectfully, read and write in a range of contexts and for different purposes. Our English learning links to all areas of the curriculum, and we place emphasis on high standards of oracy and recording of work in all core subjects. High quality texts form the basis of our school reading spine, which plans progression in the range of texts used. We are fortunate to have a library which is well resourced to support our broader curriculum, and acts as a springboard to developing reading for pleasure for all of our children.


A curriculum rich in well taught, regular PSHE lessons provides our children with the opportunity to explore the values of  equality, difference, tolerance, respect and democracy. We know that teaching children how to question and challenge everyday thinking is an important life skill, and we teach this alongside managing their own feelings and teaching the language of how to be emotionally literate. These opportunities are planned for discreet lessons, and also occur in day to day school life – we take every opportunity to reflect and explore when learning about ourselves.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle

The Arts

A curriculum rich regular planned experiences to develop the arts through – artistic skills, understanding artists, artistic movements and music provides our children with the opportunities to develop their own independence and creativity. The teaching of arts reminds our children that resilience and perseverance are important character traits, and that they may not always perfect something the first time. Our arts curriculum builds on the teaching of key skills that progress over time and are demonstrated through a journey of learning which is represented in sketch books. Our Arts curriculum is underpinned by visits, both locally and nationally, that teach our children about life beyond their school community. We aim to provide a wide range of cultural experiences that broaden our curriculum and inspire our children.

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Further Information

For further details of the school curriculum please contact the school office so that you may be directed to the right person.