One of the most important aspects of a child’s primary school experience is learning to read and write. We do this by nurturing a love of language, and this underpins our approach to English. In line with the National Curriculum, the children at Tackley CE Primary School are taught Spoken Language; Reading (both word recognition and comprehension); Writing (both transcription and composition); Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

In our English lessons, we plan our teaching of language, reading, writing and grammar through units of work focussed on texts. We have regular writing opportunities where children write independently for extended periods of time applying the skills that they have been taught during lessons.


We strongly encourage every child to read at home every night. This is an important area where parents and carers can actively support their child’s learning. At Tackley CE Primary school we have our list of 100 Great Books to Read, which we encourage parents to read and sign off with the children to receive their certificates.

Booktrust Great Books Guide 2018



We encourage children to ‘be writers’ from their first day in school and use a variety of teaching strategies to develop these skills.

They include:

  • Purposes for writing
  • Styles of writing
  • Editing and work processing skills
  • Basic skills of handwriting, phonics and sentence structure

Assessment of Writing 

We use the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning Teacher Assessment Frameworks to assess writing across the school. Writing is assessed six times a year and next steps are identified for the children to work on. This target is included in their English books and children are encouraged to self assess their targets.

Below are the Teacher Assessment Framework grids we use to assess children’s writing for each year group.

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six