How spelling is taught

At Tackley CE Primary School spelling is taught in individual year groups during Monday’s English lesson. Children will be taught a particular spelling pattern or rule and they will be given strategies to help them learn the spellings. During the lesson they will be given activities to practise and consolidate the learning of their spelling patterns.

Each child will be given a list of ten spellings to learn, in school, throughout that week. They will be given time to practise them each morning and will then be tested on Fridays, testing will take the format of dictation, so that the children become familiar with the words in context. The last week of term will recap all of the spelling patterns taught that term to consolidate the children’s learning.

Please find below the spelling words to be taught each week for each year group. You can print this out and keep a copy at home, and practise with your children alongside the learning of the spellings they do in school.

Spelling overview whole school May 2019

Autumn Term One 

Y1 Term 1A Overview

Y2 Spelling Term 1A Overview

Y3 Spelling Term 1a Overview

Y4 Spelling Term 1a Overview

Y5 Spelling Term 1a Overview

Y6 Spelling Term 1a Overview

Autumn Term Two 

Y1 Term 1B Overview

Y2 Spelling Term 1B Overview

Y3 Spelling Term 1b Overview

Y4 Spelling Term 1b Overview

Y5 Spelling Term 1b Overview

Y6 Spelling Term 1b Overview