At Tackley CE Primary School, we consider that Religious Education has never been more relevant to our children with religion & religious issues being in the news, daily. RE plays a vital role in helping our pupils to be able to understand our constantly changing world. We strive that our pupils are given valuable insights, in an age appropriate way, into the diverse beliefs & opinions held by people today.

RE has a significant role with the personal development of each pupil and supports an understanding of the spiritual, moral, social & cultural questions that surface again and again in their lives. In tackling difficult questions, RE provides pupils with insight that can work to challenge stereotypes and promote community cohesion.

We believe RE promotes respect, tolerance and open-mindedness towards others with the same and different, faiths and beliefs. It also encourages our pupils to develop their sense of identity, value themselves and the community within which they live.

The way that we teach RE is to engage pupils in an enquiry approach where they can develop an understanding and appreciation for the expression of beliefs, cultural practices and influence of principle religions and worldviews in the local, national and wider global community.



  • As Tackley CE Primary School is part of ODST, we follow the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus and we use the resource, Discovery RE to support the teaching of RE.
  • Teaching and learning is based around a cycle of enquiry approach and through this the children are encouraged to participate in critical thinking.
  • Each unit of learning is underpinned by a key concept and this drives the learning that follows. RE lessons provide the opportunity for reflection, discussion, dialogue and debate and promote the development of positive values and attitudes.
  • Lessons are planned and delivered in a variety of ways ensuring that all children can access and participate in lessons. Interactive, practical activities encourage the children to discuss their ideas and extend their understanding of difficult concepts and challenging questions.
  • As the children journey through the school, they will encounter the teaching of key concepts and practices within our principle religion Christianity as well as Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.
  • By revisiting concepts, pupils are able to retrieve and deepen their knowledge and understand the key concepts and practices set down in the agreed syllabus and Discovery RE.
  • Pupils are encouraged to explore and to ask ‘big questions’ about life, religion, nature, science and any other area of fascination, developing their own spirituality.
  • Pupils’ progress in RE is based on the expected outcomes outlined in the Agreed Syllabus whilst also bearing in mind that the statements do not cover all aspects of teaching and learning in RE. For
  • example, pupil’s personal views and ideas are not subject to formal assessment, and yet are central to good progress in RE.
  • Progress in RE is reported annually to parents.


At Tackley CE Primary School, the RE curriculum impacts the pupils in the following ways:

  • It enables pupils, in an age appropriate way, to give an informed and thoughtful account of Christianity as a living and diverse faith.
  • It extends their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of religions and worldviews
  • Our approach and style of teaching RE builds up pupils encounters with key religious concepts so that pupils can place them within their wider growing understanding of the world around them.
  • Pupils are able to show respectful attitudes to religions and world views in their search for understanding and / or meaning and reflect critically and responsibly on their own spiritual, philosophical and ethical convictions.
  • Pupils gain a wider appreciation of the diverse world within which we live developing and refining their enquiry skills, as they are increasingly asked to think more critically.



As a Church of England School, we aim to develop children’s spiritual awareness by helping children to learn about and begin to understand religious beliefs and practices, and also to understand the influence of religion on people’s lives. The school follows the agreed syllabus for Oxfordshire which encourages children to study Christianity as the main component of the programmes of study and also to learn about Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.

We aim for our Religious Education curriculum to:

  • to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religious traditions represented in Great Britain.
  • to have knowledge of a range of Christian stories from the bible
  • to develop understanding of what it might mean to be committed to a religious tradition.
  • to reflect on their own experiences, beliefs and values.
  • to have confidence in their own viewpoint whilst engaging in open and honest enquiry
  • to respect the rights of others to hold beliefs different to their own
  • view religion as a joyous experience to be celebrated with music, movement and drama – a living activity in a cross curricular context
  • to aspire to be responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

The children make regular visits to Tackley Parish Church for special events in the church calendar, and liturgical teaching.

These visits take place six times per year and include the major Christian festivals of Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. We celebrate a variety of religious events across the school including Christmas, Easter, Diwali and our annual Jesus Christ day here at Tackley Primary school.

Please visit the policies page for the religious education policy.

Bible Stories: Whole School Focus

Across the whole school, once a term, each class focuses on a specific ‘story’ from the Bible. Creatively, the children respond to or represent the story through art, drama, music or creative writing with the aim of bringing the message or key Christian teaching to life. During our Friday sharing assembly the work is shared with the whole school by each class.