At Tackley CE Primary School we aim to stimulate the children’s scientific enquiry as they learn about Living Things, Materials and Physical Processes as set out in the National Curriculum.

We do this by offering practical opportunities alongside taught content, to develop the children’s scientific knowledge, skills and understanding. They are encouraged to develop independent thinking skills, including generating questions that will lead to an investigation.

Using a cross-curricular and skills based approach, the children will experience a theme from each area of the science curriculum over a school year.

During the year we take part in Partnership events and Curriculum Weeks to ignite children’s curiosity and interest in Science.


Marvellous Maze Science Day 2017

On Friday we were delighted to share in a whole school science day! The challenge was set for the children to design a ‘Marvellous Marble Maze’ the aim was to make the marble take the longest time to complete the maze from start to finish.

We were overwhelmed by the number of parents who helped support in Medcroft class, the enthusiasm displayed by all the children, the resources and ideas that were collected from home and most notably the number of parents who visited in the afternoon to see our completed mazes. Thank you to everyone for getting involved!