Nethercote Class Trip to Millets Falconry Centre : 28.11.18

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Last week we went to Millets Falconry Centre. We saw loads of birds of prey, we even held birds of prey. We all saw meerkats, do you know there’s always one of the meerkats looking incase there’s something that would like to have a tasty meerkat for tea. If birds have orange eyes they come out at dawn and dusk which is called Crepuscular. If they have black eyes the birds come out which is called nocturnal. If the birds have yellow eyes they come out in the day called diurnal. For lunch we were in a room full of strawberry’s. All of us saw a show that was fantastic. I would definitely go back. At first I was scared 200/200. By Grace H

When I went to the falconry centre in Millets Farm I learnt that diurnal is day, nocturnal is night and crepuscular is dusk and dawn. The birds i saw were…. a bald eagle, turkey vulture, snowy owl, laughing kookaburra and lots more! We saw meerkats as well. My partner on the coach and when we were there was Angelo. The people who owned it were Alex and James. By Arann L-P.