Our provision

Our Nursery provision was opened on Monday 28th January 2019.  Children can enter nursery the term after they are three, we provide the full fifteen or thirty hour funded session and further sessions can be paid for.  Currently our sessions run from 8.30 – 11.30 in the morning and 12.00 – 3.00 in the afternoon.  Parents of children who are staying all day can provide a packed lunch for their child or pay for a school meal.

Settling in

Our Nursery forms part of our Early Years setting at Tackley which consists of three to five year olds, Nursery and Reception classes. Before your child begins nursery they have two settling in visits in order for them to visit our setting and familiarise themselves with the setting, adults and get to know the other children who already attend.

Home/School Communication

We encourage good communication between home and school and parents can use the time between 8.30 and 8.45 to help settle their child into nursery for the session. Each child is a focus child once a term where the adults record how their learning has been developed and moved on during that particular week.  There is then a parent consultation with the teacher and the child’s next steps are shared.  Each child is treated as an individual with their own Learning Journey, and next steps to continuously support their development.

Outdoor Learning

In Early Years the outside area is an extension of our classroom and children can choose to be learning either inside or outside for most of the day. We follow a play based curriculum where the staff engage with the children’s interests and move learning on following these interests.  The setting is carefully planned to ensure all curriculum areas are accessible, fun and stimulating.

Group times

There are two short group times at the beginning and end of each nursery session at 9.00 and 1.00, then again at 11.15 and 2.40.  These sessions are planned to focus on learning nursery rhymes, story time, circle games, counting and pre-phonics games.  The planning is kept on our Parent’s Information board and is available for all parents.  During the morning there is a snack time where children are provided with milk and fruit. As part of their learning and development of key skills the children often prepare a different snack to share at this time such as fruit crumble or soup.

Reception and Nursery

The Nursery children benefit from playing alongside the Reception children who support the Nursery during games and play.  The Reception children are also very helpful at supporting new children to settle in and become used to the setting, routines and expectations.  They are good role models for use of language, particularly during imaginative play and are kind, caring and patient with the younger members of Medcroft Class.

Please call Mrs York in the School Office on 01869 331327 to arrange a visit if you would like to find out more about our setting.


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