Our vision for Tackley Church of England Primary School demonstrates our commitment to create a school where every child and adult flourishes together in community. We relate the significance of each individual as a valuable member of our community to the Parable of the Lost Sheep; where everyone is included, everyone is important and everyone is valued. We strive to leave no one behind, taking everyone with us on the journey of life, together. Our school motto, “Living, Loving and Learning Together” reflects this.


Our Values

At Tackley Church of England Primary School, we aim to live by the core Christian values of Curiosity, Kindness and Responsibility.  These values form an integral part of everything we do to ensure that children are taught in an environment with a strong Christian ethos.

Curiosity: We believe that curiosity is the key to learning and personal growth. We encourage our students to ask questions, explore new ideas, and approach learning with a sense of wonder. By fostering curiosity, we aim to ignite a passion for knowledge and empower our students to become lifelong learners.

Kindness: We emphasise the value of kindness in all aspects of school life. We strive to create a caring and compassionate community where all members of our school community treat one another with respect, empathy, and understanding. We promote the idea of being kind to ourselves, as we as acts of kindness to others. We encourage our students to develop strong moral values, ensuring that our school is a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

Responsibility: We aim to instill a sense of responsibility in our children, teaching them to take ownership of their actions and choices. We encourage them to be accountable for their learning, behavior, and the impact they have on others. By nurturing a sense of responsibility, we hope to empower our students to become active, engaged citizens who contribute positively to their community.

Through these values, we enable our students to make informed decisions, develop strong character, and actively participate in their education and community. We believe that by embracing curiosity, kindness, and responsibility, we create a school environment where each individual is valued and empowered to reach their full potential, living life in all its fullness.

Each week, we focus on Christian values during our collective worship led by the school staff and Reverend Harriet Orridge from St. Nicholas’ Church, Tackley.