Last academic year the PTA raised money for

Our School Library

This year so far the PTA has raised money for

New phonics reading books

Whole School Outdoor Learning Day at Blenheim

Whole School visit to the Maurizio Cattelan exhibition at Blenheim

Prowise board for Medcroft Class

Wet playtime games

Help us to raise money for the benefit of OUR children’s education and so we can offer OUR children the best start in life. 

Ongoing government cuts to school funding means schools across the country are expected to meet increasingly high standards/targets with less financial support and as a village school, we are amongst the hardest hit.

As a result, it is up to us as parents and as a village community to ensure we raise money to help bridge the gap and to ensure our children are offered a full education, the best possible.

Who are we?

Every parent and carer is automatically a member of the PTA by having a child at Tackley School. There is a small committee to organise activities but everyone is welcome to join in to support the school.

Where does the money go?

The school and the PTA jointly decide where the money goes, based on a ‘wish list’ drawn up by the school. The PTA funds both one-off and regular activities and projects, and the money we raise helps the children experience a wide variety of activities to enhance the curriculum.

Last year we arranged a variety of extras including the following:

A magnificent new library and a significant number of new fiction and non fiction books.

New iPads.

A theatre group to perform a Christmas pantomime for the children.

A second Poet in Residence learning day.

We subsidised a whole-school trip to an activity centre, Hill End.

Year 6 Leavers hoodies.

We also support regular events such as the Christmas and Summer performances, Sports Day and May Day.


2018/2019 AGM

2018-19 PTA AGM Minutes, Chairs report and Treasurers report


The School Wish List for 2019-2020 is as follows:

Regeneration of school grounds previously occupied by outside classroom: money raised will create a peaceful space for children to be calm/quiet away from the lively playground. It will also provide a nature habitat and present an outside learning space. The exact specification for this space is currently under discussion. Any help would be much appreciated.

Events planned in support of this are Oktoberfest in October, Christmas Performances during December, Disco’s during February and the Tackley Horse Show amongst others.


How can you get involved?

You can join in as much or as little as you like: we appreciate everyone is busy and any help you can give is welcome.


We hold an informal meeting once every half-term, usually the second Tuesday; however, a great way to get on-board is to join one of the three PTA sub-teams:


Grants team:

We desperately need more expertise to join this small team to help with grant applications. Please speak to the PTA Chair, Carrie Southall, if you feel you could offer any assistance.


Events team: This group contributes to the organisation of our larger fundraising events. 

The following are proposed for 2019/2020:

April 2020 – Organising volunteers, and a rota for The Horse and Pony Show

July 2020 – The Summer Fete (which is a joint community event with the church).

We will ask for volunteers to help with these events closer to the time. Please spare the time if you can; your help is invaluable.


Small fundraising team and community relations: this is an area any/everyone can be involved with and which takes virtually no time at all!


The next fundraising evening will be on 22nd November 2019 – Jacket Potato Night.

Volunteers are required to help run the event, offering drinks and treats. Please contact Carrie or Helen on the details below if you are able to volunteer any time to this event.


Every little helps:

  • Contribute a cake for a cake sale
  • Donate a used printer cartridge – we can get £1 each for these! Collection bin is in the school entrance.
  • Help with fundraising schemes, eg Aldi vouchers
  • Buy online purchases (eg Amazon) through easyfundraising – it doesn’t cost you anything and the school gets a donation (link below).


If you have no time to help, donations are more than welcome and can be assigned to a particular area you’d like to support.
Useful links

Facebook or search Tackley School PTA and ask to join.


Scooters for Schools


Chair: Carrie Southall and Helen Spencer



We look forward to meeting you soon. Look out for meeting notices on Facebook, in the school newsletter or on the noticeboard outside the playground.