Remote learning will take place via Google Classroom, which children all have individual log ins for.

Online teaching will take various formats and be led by your child’s class teacher through pre-recorded learning segments or through planned live teaching sessions. Further videos and resources will be shared with your child through Google Classroom. Teaching Assistants will also be working to support remote learning during this time.

As part of their remote learning, children will be asked to complete work off-screen, independently and hand their work in on Google Classroom.

Please see the link below to additional learning support materials, learning websites and resources. These are useful links to home-learning websites that we know the children will enjoy engaging with to break up their day.

We know that all of our families have very different circumstances at home, and we understand that the remote learning experience will vary for every child.

Please be kind to yourselves and work in a way that is best for the needs of your individual child and family.