Rousham Arts and Crafts Sale : w/c 18.03.19

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On Tuesday 19th March and Wednesday 20th March, Rousham Class held their fundraising sale to raise money towards the cost of our forthcoming trip to Kew Gardens. We had a variety of stalls selling:

  • limited edition prints of rainforest leaves
  • beautiful and delicately hand-crafted bead bracelets
  • lovingly designed and constructed rain-forest corner bookmarks
  • pots planted with exotic carnivorous seeds
  • a plant-your-own veg stall
  • very popular survival bracelets

We thoroughly enjoyed our venture! Thank you to everyone who supported us.

We exceeded our £50 target which has already been deducted from the cost of the trip. As a class we will decide how we plan to spend the additional money raised.