Science Workshops by Oxford Science : 13.10.2020

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Quotes from Nethercote Class about their Science Worskhop.

  • ‘He used different materials to make different things. We tried to make an umbrella out of tissue paper and it ripped because when we squirted water at it, it got wet and ripped.’ Billy S
  • ‘He put the candle in the water and it ssank becasue it was heavy.’ Valentina B
  • ‘He bounced the ball to test which materials were the bounciest.’ Arlo T
  • ‘He melted chocolate in a pan!’ Kaitlyn H


This week in Rousham Class we shared our experiences of the Science Workshop. We learnt about different materials and experimented with what would happen when they were heated. We had to make predictions and then used a burner to heat the different materials.

  • ‘I found it fun and I thought it was interesting to see the if the materials would melt, evaporate or stay the same.’ Fergus P
  • ‘The Science Workshop was a fun experience. We got a burner and put different materials on it. The best one was sugar, it turned into caramel and it smelt awesome.’ Lucy B
  • ‘I enjoyed the Science Workshop because we got to play with fire! We made caramel and it smelly really nice. I would love to do it again.’ Lewis F




More input and photos to follow.