Year 6 Junior Citizen : 14.01.2020

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We were very excited about this trip and also a bit nervous. We shared a coach with Bloxham Primary and went to the fire station in Oxford. When we arrived we split into 2 groups and got to go into different rooms. In each room there was a different type of emergency and the staff saw how we reacted to each of them and helped us choose the best way. We all called 999 for real so we know how to do it in case we ever have to in real life. For each scenario we got a score out of 10. Both our groups did brilliantly. We learnt lots of important things about how to stay safe and also how to help others. When we got back to school we weren’t allowed to tell anyone exactly what we did so we don’t spoil it for them next time.

By Lily B and Louis S-G